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Update: Zombie Sushi

Posted on : 06-12-2011 | By : jamin | In : Burn Zombie Burn, News, Zombie Sushi


Fear not, BZB fans, Zombie Sushi IS coming.

Admittedly it’s taken much longer than it should have – for which we apologise – but the Burn Zombie Burn! DLC ‘Zombie Sushi’ will see the light of day. Ollie offered an update on the situation back in September, and this explanation still holds true. That said, the DLC won’t launch this side of Christmas, and we’re instead aiming for release around March.

I’m aware how frustrating this is for you trophy hunters, but hang in there! When there’s more news to share, it’ll find it’s way onto the blog here.

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Comments (8)

First , I Would like to say thanks for not forgetting the fans of BZB , and i’m sure you guys are going to release as soon as possible this BZB Zombie Sushi.
I’m a big fan of your games , when BZB is going to hit 100% i’ll probably start Zombie must die!
thanks again for your corporation and good luck with your work , good luck to the team D6 ~ ! keep up the good work.


PC Version ?

That’s a good news ! Thx guys !

When you finally release it I’m going to be so out of practice. I don’t think I’ve played this game in a year…

Will there be a PC version? And will it have the In Space levels too?

Can’t WAIT !….. busy attempting the GOLD and Dev’s medals AS WE SPEAK ! :)

Any news about zombie sushi dlc? March has passed away…

I’m forced to say this everytime, but SOON :)

Release really isn’t far off now — hopefully have more concrete news to share shortly.

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