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In Space passes at Sony Europe

Posted on : 17-03-2010 | By : ollie | In : In Space


The long delayed “In Space” DLC for Burn Zombie Burn, has passed submission at Sony Europe. This means that both the patch and DLC will be hitting the PSN in the near future. Naturally, release dates and pricing will disclosed in the next week or so. In any case this still calls for major w00tage!

For our American fans; we’re still waiting on Sony America as both the patch and DLC are still in submission with them. The moment we know anything on the status of the American release we’ll obviously let you know.

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Comments (4)

yes! finally!

Major wootage. So now I just have a scant few weeks to finish off the last few dev scores on BZB Classic.

First day buy of “In Space” either way.

Waiting american release =(

We are too! :(

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